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Smartpixel - Un programma per lo scatto di screenshot

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If you want to take a few smile snapshots of your desktop, or if you want to create a tutorial or a how-to video/document for technical reasons or for gaming, then SmartPixel was designed just for you. This simple and easy to use program can take high resolution, 1080p HD images of your desktop activity and is perfect for creating tutorials. SmartPixel comes with a D3D video capture feature, which makes it the perfect tool for seamless capture of in-game videos. SmartPixel is compatible with all PC games and works seamlessly with whatever game you are playing and whatever spec you are running.

SmartPixel can also be used to capture images from a webcam and comes with a number of editing and manipulation features, allowing you to remove the voice and otherwise tweak the file. You can use SmartPixel to record an online conference or for your own video recording/audio recording purposes. SmartPixel also includes pic-in-pic features and other screenshot capture functions, making it a complete, comprehensive image and video capturing utility.


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